Mobile apps

Development of applications for business and start ups for iOS and Android platforms

What is it?

Mobile applications — are a simple and convenient way to contact your target audience Owners of smartphones use them every day: social networks, news, weather, traffic jams, maps.The reason for the popularity of applications is that a person does not need to search and download a site with the necessary information or functionality, everything is already on his mobile device. Application can do almost anything be it QR code recognition or serving as Remote control for your TV

We create mobile applications of any complexity and for any industry

Do you have an internet shop?

Your client can find about your special offers, new merchandise or track delivery online

Your business is food delivery?

Application can help them study your menu and order food quickly with just one tap

Do you work in beauty and healthcare?

Your clients will appreciate an application that helps them to make exercises schedule, diets and calorie calculators

Advantages of applications

It is convenient

The application doesn't need to be downloaded every time unlike website, it already has everything onboard. Excellent design allows to show information correctly on any device, and touch sensor makes use of application easier.

Social Media Integration

Extend your user experience. From the application, people can share their purchases and achievements in social networks, increasing your audience.

Feature rich

From online orders to remote control of industrial equipment Our applications can deal with any tasks: they can be a supplement to a website or be a standalone product satisfying customers' needs.

Additional revenues

If you application is targeted for wide audience, you can integrate it advertising newtork, and receive extra income.

Expanding CRM

Mobile apps mean personalization. If user needs to authorize with their mobile phone or email, you will get additional information about your audience and new way to communicate with it.

Any platform

We develop applications for iOS and Android platforms.

Mobile application help you to attract new customers, keep current, automate business processes and increase overall productivity of your work.

What we do

Mobile application design

iOS Applications

Android Applications

Costs and terms

Mobile application

from $9 000 *
From 1 month

* Exact price is estimated from scope of work, and is calculated for each client individually basing on their goals and business processes.

Create a product that would be needed

Start development with MVP — Minimum Viable Product. If you are not sure that your application is really vital to your business, you can create a simpler version of it with some main features, and when you get positive feedback from your clients you can develop it further, add more features and details. So you can create an application that would be in demand definitely and development costs would be divided among product development stages.

How we work?


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