Web development

Development, design of websites, services and mobile applications for startups and business

We create websites for more than 10 years: from landing pages to high-load complex projects. We are sure that every website has a right to be unique and can prove it.

What we do

Web services

A system that helps solving complex business problems, helps automating the processes and simplifies the interaction between users of the system.

Internet shops

A full-fledged store with user account system, integrated payment and delivery processes

Corporate websites

The official face of your business on the Internet, shaping the image of the company

Information Portals

High-load websites with large amount of content

Landing page

The page giving information about your business and warming up visitors for purchase

Mobile appslications

Applications adapted for mobile devices allow you to interact with you in a user-friendly way

Don't know which site fits you best?

Ask for a consultation — our managers will help you to choose the right website variant according to your needs and business goals

Industry expertise

We have completed more than 150 projects of regional and federal levels. But there are industries where we are especially strong:

  • Online services, portals for startups
  • Real estate, construction, architecture
  • Industry and production
  • Ecommerce

Development process

Creating a web product is a relatively long and rather laborious process that requires responsibility and professionalism from each team member

We sign a contract

After briefing and negotiations our account manager signs a software development contract with you


The UX analyst collects all the necessary information about your business processes and analyzes your current and future product

Write requirements specification

Tech writer creates requirements specification of the product, then we get approval from client and from programmers

Interface design

Designer creates interface of your product basing on analytics and requirements specification

Layouts and front-end programming

Programmers adapt the design of the future product to make it more convenient for users


Back-end developers make website logics work

Testing before launch

Testers test the product to avoid fatal errors of your websites after launch

Writing documentation

Documentation teaches user how to fill the website with content, use administrative panel or any other features of website

Deploying the project

We add analytics systems to the product and it is ready for use

Supporting and developing the product

Product release doesn't mean that the project is over. We take care of stable functioning, updating and development of your product.

Technologies we use

Our specialists can develop and support projects of any complexity.


  • Main programming language: PHP 
  • Frameworks: Laravel 5.x, CMS: MODx, Bitrix 
  • Database SQL/NoSQL: MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis 
  • Queues: Beanstalkd, RabbitMQ 
  • Other technologies: NodeJS, Go, CouchDB, Python (system scripts)


  • Programming language: JS ES6 (ES2015) and later
  • Frameworks: React/Redux, Vue/Vuex
  • Page layouts in SCSS, sass, stylus BEM-methodologies
  • Build webpack, gulp

Tech support:


  • CMS: MODX, Bitrix etc.
  • Frameworks: Laravel, Yii 2

Costs and terms

Corporate website

From $7 000 to $12 000
Duration: from 1.5 to 3 months

Web services and startups

from $9 000*
Duration: from 4months


From $7 000 to $25 000*
Duration: from 2 to 6 months

Landing Page

From $2 000 to $7 000
Duration: from 1 to 2 months

* Exact price is estimated from scope of work, and is calculated for each client individually basing on their goals and business processes.

Other services