Tech support

Operative support and development of projects.

We take care of stable functioning, updating and development of your product

If your website doesn't work well, can be down several times a day, has a long loading tome or you have high visitor rejections, it is time to order tech support from "Atvinta"

We offer tech support for every website we make. Because we know every detail, pixel and code line

Tech support consists of

Content support

Banners, articles, redesign for special events are the things we can do for your website You only need to say what you want and when

Project development

Market always have new trends and technologies advance everyday. We correct development strategy for your product according to user demands, new tech possibilities and constant project analytics.. Thus keeping your website on the cutting edge of content and technology. It really attracts customers.

Domain prolongation

Your site is always online We keep an eye on domain duration and renew it in time. It means that there will be no awkward moment when visitor see "This domain is for sale" instead of your landing page


Fixing technical problems and consequences of attacks. Operative restoration of website fuctionality

Website availability monitoring

Regular security and availability audit Each minute of your website downtime can cost you thousands of dollars. Tech support can reduce possibility of crashes

Atwinta provides first-class tech support for any projects!

Costs and terms

You can order services of any specialists of Atwinta, be it developers, designers, project managers, analyst, or managers will help you to distribute you hours in most effective way

10 hours

$40 USD/hour

$400 USD

20 hours

$35 USD/hour

$700 USD

40 hours

$32 USD/hour

$1 280 USD

60 hours

$30 USD/hour

$1 800 USD

How we work?

Requirements elaboration

Transfer of access rights

Complete tech audit


Testing the results

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