Context advertisement

We set contextual advertisement for buisness
We use new 2019 methodology for Google search advertisement


  • We struggle for sales, not for "Top 1 rank"
  • Search rank is no longer important, traffic is more important

How does Google work in 2019

Prices advertisements are calculated from visitors, not for rank

Prices are calculated according to the prognosis of clickability of each advertisement for each key phrase. The better your advertisement works, the cheaper is a promotion campaign.

Space in advertisement block is no longer the only where you can place your ads

You don't have to be higher in search results to receive more target visitors. Advertisement can be just more noticeable orbe placed in a block with less competitors.

Costs and terms

For websites with small assortiment

From $350


  • Promotion for one-two regions: city and state
  • Small assortiment of products
  • You can handle limited amounts of incoming leads
For big e-commerce shops and agregators

From $850

  • Promotion region: Russia, CYS, Worldwide
  • Large assortiment of products
  • Your business demands unstandard solutions and strategies

* Exact price is estimated from scope of work, and is calculated for each client individually basing on their goals and business processes.

Why people order contextual advertisingt from us

Google trust us

Our specialists are certified by Yandex and Google. The certificate verifies that the advertising platform officially acknowledges their professionalism Only experienced specialists who made lots of campaigns can go through this certification

We use funnel method of promotion

We see the funnel strategy for each project how to turn the cold audience to brand advocates

Each project is led by account manager

An account manager is "client's advocate inside the agency" They solve various problems in a timely manner and keep everyone involved in the project

We use Trello boards

We use trello boards for transparency of communication. It works like a personal dashboard for each client where they can see everybody working on their project and track all tasks and their statuses

We divide project into sprints

We use weekly sprints for projects and evaluate results of each cycle, this allows us to change the process of work quickly to avoid critical situations.

We never work without analytics systems

We care about campaign results so we install all analytic systems to the client's website in order to analyze the campaign better. From call tracking to cross-cutting analytics

Ready to receive more clients from Google?

Find out the cost — order budget prognosis from our experts

First: how many leads you need?

We can reach the designated amount of leads if following conditions are met:

  • The advertising budget is set by our specialists
  • We implement an analytics system (Yandex.metrica, Google analytics)
  • We implement call-tracking
  • The website works well and already attracts traffic
  • Website conversion is known
  • We can adjust your landing page for more results

Frequently asked questions

What is advertising campaign development?

Advertising campaign development consists of following:

What is included into advertising campaign cost?

People mistakenly think that campaigns can bet set once and work on its own. The truth is — nothink works on its own. Only if you do not care where your money go. So let's make it clear what advertising management consists of

How much does contextual advertising cost?

The price consists of various factors:

How much will I earn from advertising with Atwinta And "How do I make desired amount of leads" How many leads can I possibly get?

How I will communicate with you and receive reports

Stages of work

Gather semantic core

It is the basis of contextual advertising. Quality and quantity of key phrases determine the costs of clicks, leads, and loyal clients. Usually reaching the desired results requires thousands of key phrases and their processing and use in a professional way (minusing, cross-minusing)

We analyse competitors ads

This is required to understand competition in this industry and determines campaign strategy

We form your advantages into USP

We create ads basing on key requests, industry speciality and brand. We build a chain of USP integrate them into ads and make a high-conversion advertising campaign

Launching the campaing

We import key phrases and works into Google Adwords

We test the campaign

We monitor the campaign efficiency, work with bids, key querries, ads. We always search for the optimal ways to reach the desired result.

We analyse the results

Results analysis gives an understanding on the efficiency of the chosen strategy, it helps to adjust the campaign on the go and increase efficiency.

We optimize the campaign

We monitor the campaign all the time, as it often requires instant analysis, quick ad correction, turning off the bad keywords and adding new keywords, reduction of click, lead and sale cost, choosing the working ads to increase KPI.

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