Complex web services

We create high-load web services with complex features and integrations such as personal user accounts, corporate portals to industrial remote control systems.The main idea behind a web service — give the user an opportunity to interact with it online. Buying a ticket, making an order, sending and tracking of parcels, setting tasks for your subcontractors and tracking their success or even paying your electricity bills are the examples of web services implementation
This kind of projects requires much more time and effort than corporate websites or company homepages.

Web services help users to make beneficiary actions while corporate websites and landing pages tell about products and services.  

We are experts in web services development.

We have developed web products for various industries from tech startups to governmental systems. 

Our expertise, qualification of our developers and use of modern technologies make our projects live long lives and, what's more important — be profitable.

What can web service do?

Reduce costs

Web services are often used to automate business processes completely or partially. And help to exclude the possibility of human errors.
Automated systems allow business to reduce time required for its processes, thus reducing costs.


  • We have built a time and deal tracking system for "Audit and Consulting" company, and it can be a perfect example of process automation.
    This project arranges projects automates approval routine and increases average check.

Business process management

Web service can solve tens of tasks.

As a rule, we start designing the system after careful study of business processes, and this allows us to unite and simplify the work of a company, by creating unified system for solving large amount of tasks.


  • For example, "Smart logistics", service of IKEA goods delivery, allows to open delivery service in any city in 10 minutes and run business remotely.


Web service helps to reduce costs of communication between colleagues and clients by automating routine.

If the system is a part of labour process it makes activity of employees easier and increases their productivity tenfold.

  • "Radiomarket" service automates communication between employees and clients, who want to advertise their goods in malls all over Siberia

  • helps advertisers to find the right places for their ads in Telegram, and channel owners to monetize their traffic.

Development of web services helps to solve lots of non-trivial tasks and increase the efficiency of business processes

Examples of our web services

Corporate portals

SDS holding company corporate portal

Remote control systems

IoT system for a cell-culture laboratory

Auctions and bidding systems

"Edelweis" — auction system of pharmacy network

Big Data analysis

«TerraManta» — service for traders

Project management systems

"Cluster knowledge base" system

Personal dashboard

Good Line personal dashboard

Costs and terms

Web services

from $9 000*
from 4 months

* Exact price is estimated from scope of work, and is calculated for each client individually basing on their goals and business processes..

Development process

Creating a web service is a relatively long and rather laborious process that requires responsibility and professionalism from each team member

We sign a contract

After briefing and negotiations our account manager signs a software development contract with you


The UX analyst collects all the necessary information about your business processes and analyzes your current and future product.

Interface design

Designer and UX analyst create interface of your product basing on analytics and requirements specification

Write requirements specification

The team elaborates the logics of future product, and tech writer writes a requirements specification. This document is a direct guide of what and how to build, and it must be approved by you. 

Layouts and front-end programming

Programmers adapt the design of the future product to make it more convenient for users


Back-end developers make website logics work

Testing before launch

Testers test the product to avoid fatal errors of your websites after launch

Writing documentation

Documentation teaches user how to fill the website with content, use administrative panel or any other features of website

Deploying the project

We add analytics systems to the product and it is ready for use

Supporting and developing the product

Product release doesn't mean that the project is over. We take care of stable functioning, updating and development of your product.

You will receive weekly reports on project status from our friendly account managers. You can ask about current status of the project anytime and receive complete answer.


Integration of your website with required instruments solves two major problems of business. First — automate processes to make them work stably and almost without your intervention. Second — workforce, money and time economy.


Visitors of your website can pay for you products with their credit cards.

This is a Must-have integration for e-commerce.

Analytics systems

Analytic systems like Yandex.Metrika and google analytics gather all the information of user behaviour on your website. These data could help you to develop the product.
Essential for any web service.

ERM systems

Automatic catalogue updates, adding and changing merchandise in the shop all done in one-two clicks.

For large and medium ecommerce websites


Automates processes of transportation of goods between a company, transportation agents and buyers.

Essential for everyone who delivers goods to other cities. For example single-product internet shops


Assignments automation, full analysis of advertising and sales teams work is done by CRM systems

Will do well for everyone interested in tracking marketing and sales team success.

Third-party web services

Warehouse, SMS notifications, marketing systems (call trackers, third-party analytics systems and other systems a company uses for its business processes.

Technologies we use

Our specialists can develop and support projects of any complexity


  • Main programming language: PHP
  • Frameworks: Laravel 5.x, CMS: MODx, Bitrix
  • Database SQL/NoSQL: MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Queues: Beanstalkd, RabbitMQ
  • Other technologies: Node JS, Go, CouchDB, Python (system scripts)


  • Programming language: JS ES6 (ES2015) and later
  • Frameworks: React/Redux, Vue/Vuex
  • Page layouts in SCSS, sass, stylus BEM-methodologies
  • Build webpack, gulp

Tech support:

  • CMS: MODX, Bitrix etc.
  • Frameworks: Laravel, Yii 2

Other services