Wiring company SPECMONTAGE

Logo and corporative website

About the company

The company positions itself as one of the best specialists in industrial wiring on Russian market.

The problem

At the time when representatives of Spetsmontazh contacted us, the company was not represented in the Internet in any way - it was not mentioned anywhere, thus users never saw the organization’s “virtual face” Atwinta had to crate a website, develop a corporate style and logo.

The website should also solve one more problem — attract future employees — tech specialists who want to work in "Specmontage".

Therefore, we made the contact page as simple as possible so that nothing distracted the user from the information on it The address, telephone number and e-mail indicates that anyone can call with questions or suggestions, send a resume or other documentation to the mail, and so on. Open feedback form "Contact us" button aslo suggests free communication with "Specmontage" specialists.

The client wanted to show his company as it is. I.e. any user who came to the website can understand what does "Specmontage" do outright. And it was the main challenge for our designers. Clients industry is quite specific and the task to cause users' "Wow" was not that easy.

Modular grid

Модульная сетка

Screen rotation

Each circle rotates in its own direction

The client gave us 5 associations he had about his company: nice, quick, accurately, aestetic and full of drive. We found graphic representation of each association and made a visual brief, it was appreciated by the client. Corprate colors: yellow and dark-blue came from definition of "aestetic" our client gave us, he thinks that night city lights are one of the most eatuiful things in the world.

Types of work

Since the purpose of the site was to introduce and connect the user with the organization, the main emphasis was placed on design, the functionality is simple. The site is adaptive, the version for small screens differs from the desktop one: it is simpler and easier, devoid of dynamic elements, as their beauty is lost on a small screens. However it is still recogniseable and havent lost the dtyle of the website.

About the company

A lot of work has been invested in the site design - in order to show and reveal the scope of the Special Mounting business as much as possible, we bet on a large number of photos, videos, and illustrations. Company logo - the stylized letter "C" alludes to a microchip, and the entire site echoes this logo. The forms are smooth, rounded, in addition, the site is divided into several dynamic zones that respond to scroll. That is how we made a stylish and modern site that will be actual for many years on.